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Trainer Snack Dummy Tough Pombas

My dog doesn't bring anything back, it keeps everything! «- this is how some dog owners react when they see an object to be retrieved. But once your four-legged friend has understood the principle, he will have more and more fun with this species-appropriate activity. Returning means immediate reward from the dummy TOUGH POMBAS. As soon as your darling brings you the dummy and ideally puts it in your hand, open the zipper and reward the good work with delicious treats that you filled in beforehand. It is also possible to feed the dog exclusively from the dummy. So he can work out his food himself and is physically and mentally busy and satisfied.

  • can be filled with snacks
  • ideal for throwing and retrieving
  • Reward straight from the dummy
  • washable at 30 ° C
  • Dimensions: 20cm

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