5 good reasons not to share your own shampoo with your dog

Into the shower and the master's shampoo on the coat?

Here are the five most important reasons that speak against using normal shampoo for washing dogs:

1. Shampoo dries out the skin

Everyone probably knows that: You have to search a long time to find the right shampoo for your own hair. Often the scalp becomes irritated, the hair becomes dull or greasy, the scalp itches. It is similar with dogs: the pH value of dog's skin is between 6.8 and 8.0, which means it is in the alkaline range. Among other things, this leads to the fact that conventional shampoos dry out the dog's skin to a great extent. Which logically leads to itching. In addition, the natural protective film of the skin is destroyed.

2. The H aut records everything

Has it already been heard: Everything that lands on the skin is also absorbed by it. It is no different with dogs. So you should be careful with what you put on sensitive dog skin. Especially for older dogs or dogs with skin prone to eczema .

3. Do not use outdoors

If you take your dog to the next "pond" or wash your dog with the help of a garden hose, you should also be aware that most conventional shampoos are only partially biodegradable.

4. The silicone

Most conventional shampoos contain silicone and make the hair easier to comb. Namely, in which the hair is enclosed with silicone. However, it not only encloses the hair, but also the skin. Which can quickly lead to itching, especially in dogs. Another aspect is that the hair always shows how the dog is doing. If the hair is made to shine with silicone, an important factor in assessing the general condition is no longer applicable.

5. The scent
It is actually obvious: Master may like the intoxicating scent of "raspberry" on mistress, but dog probably feels less comfortable with it. :-)

The best solution is the Joveg dog shampoo: alkaline, moisturizing, easy to rinse out, made from 100% natural ingredients and made with passion. :-)

The requirements for an animal soap differ in two important points from the natural soap for humans:

  • They have to be very moisturizing
  • The scent should be appropriate to the species and appropriate.

As a human being, you certainly like the scent of flowers or spices, but for an animal it is a negative impairment of its well-being if it "stinks" to its taste. We took both aspects into account when developing the animal soaps. When it comes to fragrance, we have found a compromise that humans and animals can live with just fine and that also has useful properties.

The company "Joveg" is a sustainable, nature-loving family business from Brandenburg. Palm oil or animal products do not get into the soap at Joveg. With full conviction, she makes sure that all soaps are vegan and that the packaging is also sustainable. All soaps are packaged plastic-free in recyclable cardboard boxes.

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