How so? Why? Why?

Why a dog smoothie? Why a liquid snack? Why should I give my dog a smoothie?

How so: Because every dog has a daily need for minerals, vitamins, proteins / amino acids, fats and fatty acids. Unfortunately, there is often a deficiency, which of course can have various causes. You can find out more about this under "SMOOTHIES". The fact is, our dog smoothie is supposed to compensate for just that. We only use food-grade ingredients according to German standards, that is to say, we don't use (as is usually the case) K3 fish. All herbs, vegetables and oils are selected by our co-founder & chef in the team, Chris, and processes them into sloofies in our small factory in Heilbonn / Baden-Württemberg.

Why: The special and refined thing about the smoothies for dogs is not only the high quality selection of the ingredients, no it is also the type and consistency of the dog snack. In principle, it is a 2in1 solution. In addition to all the nutrients, we also bring the fluid balance of the four-legged friends into balance and, for example, if you are a dry food fan or if your dog drinks too little in principle, you have just discovered a possible solution.

Recipe for sloofie - dog smoothie

He consist of FLESH in food grade, selected HERBS , fresh VEGETABLES and conducive OIL . A really tasty meat broth makes Sloofie simply irresistible and provides your dog with sufficient liquid - and that as a sugar-free dog snack.

In short, all ingredients are carefully and consciously selected and processed, filled and sent to you with a lot of love and dedication. Sloofie is the grain-free, sugar-free dog smoothie.

The main ingredient in sloofies is flesh ! The meat used, as well as all other ingredients, is 100 percent Food quality!

The The current 3 types consist of beef, turkey or chicken (only muscle meat). Variants with game, fish and duck will follow soon. We rely on monoprotein, i.e. a single source of high quality protein. A sole source of protein makes Sloofie super digestible for the dog and is usually more digestible for allergy sufferers.

Because of the high quality meat selection, the dogs love the smoothies. As soon as you open the bottle, you will immediately smell the difference.

Sloofie, der Snack mit einem hohen Fleischanteil in Lebensmittelqualität abgestimmt auf den Proteinbedarf eines Hundes.

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